Saturday, 20 June 2015

Inside Out

I'm OceanEclipse(1001)

And I'm posting on my iPhone. Really just because I'm bored and that Toffe hasn't posted like, AT ALL. Oh and I ain't changing this font, as much as I don't like it, I'm toooooo lazy to keep on changing the font on my iPhone ):T
Also being on mah iPhone, I CAN'T GET ON AJ RAAAAAAWR ):OOOOO
And so I can't update ya'll about the junkie stuff AJHQ puts in stores. And so, I'm just gonna talk about what happened yesterday, It was kinda scary, but at the end, all was well.

So yesterday, I went to eVent cinemas to watch a movie. But I couldn't figure out which movie to watch, Inside Out or Minions. Now as you see, Jurrasic World isn't an option, that's because I am SUUU CHILDISH I LIEK WATCHING FUN LITTLE ANIMATED MOVIES LIEK INSIDE OUT AND MINIONS. or I'm actually 12 years old and faked my age to have a blogger
In the end we decieded to watch Inside Out, but during that time I drove my mum craycray.
This is what happened *beware spoilers*

An 11 year old Riley, moves to San Fansisco. Her 5 emotions have a purpose, Disgust makes sure she isn't poisened, Fear makes sure she is safe, Anger makes sure um.. that stuff is fair? And Joy makes sure everything is HUPEH!! Sadness makes Riley sad, so the other emotions be rascists and don't let her control anything. (or even touch a memory for that matter) Whenever Sadness touched one, it went blue (physically and mentally)

Memories by the way are little orby things. Special ones are core memories, which operate an island of Riley's personality. One day Sadness makes a sad core memory, her and Joy fight over it and they get sucked up, into some pipe thingy, along with the core memories.Then they are inside Riley's long term memory. Which is a VEEEEEERRRYYYY LONG MAZE. They bump into Bing Bong, a cotton candy elephant, part cat, part duck and part dolphin.

Bing Bong brings them to Imagination Land. Where these mean gumdrop dudes come and throw away Bing Bong's song powered rocket, down into the pit of forever being forgotteness. Bing Bong mourns, and Sadness cheers him up. Meanwhile back at Headquarters (HEADquarters, get it?) Disgust, Anger and Fear are having problems. And so some of the islands crumble. Then Anger decides to give Riley the idea of running away to her past life to make new core memories. The idea gets stuck and the rest of the islands crumble away. great idea Anger

Joy and Bing Bong fall into the pit of forever being forgotteness. Joy realises that Sadness was there not only to make Riley sad, but to get people to help her. Bing Bong then starts to disapear, then Joy starts to sing, which activates Bing Bong's song powered rocket. They try to fly back out of the forever, you get the idea. On one last try, Bing Bong jumps off and Joy successfully makes it up. She looks fpr Sadness, who says she just makes things worse, and starts a goose chase. At the end, they smash into the side of headquarters. The other 3 emotions help them get inside.

Sadness removes the idea from Riley's head and creates a half sad half happy core memory. Then they have a happily ever after, more idlands are built and Riley moves nack to her old home. The end.

Huzzah! But that's just what happened in the movoe, but I'm too tired to tell what happened next, I'll post it tommorow so till then..



  1. Sorry for my boring post jammers, and my typos.. So sorry.

    1. That's fine, I know I'm unactive, I just am so busy..

  2. Hi.
    Sorry I didn't post what happened next, I just realized that it's too personal and private so.. yea.
    BTW, I made my own blog:
    I'll still be part of this blog, I'm just waiting for it to be up and running again.