Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hi There

This blog is very, very bare
 and so I say, "hi there"
even though I bet not anyone really has a care
about this blog
I don't know what in the world I'm doing
making a rhyme?
Really Ocean?
At this time?!
At least maybe I'll inspire Dreamy,
of course I'm talking about, that fabulous Aussie,
to post something, because as you see..
The last post was the 27th of June
I hope she posts soon.
If  you are busy with school
(I know I am)
Then don't worry, your not a tool.

Anyways, have a fantastic year Dreamy :3

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Llamas Derpin' to Jamaa, Cute, Stylish and Fab New Pet Contest, and Sweggy Freedom Stuff!

Hey guys, it's XxDreamyNightxX here. Sorry for lack of posts, I've been super duper busy with over load of school work, especially on the last week, but now I can relax since hell's all over and now I can enjoy my summer - Ahem, I mean, excuse me, winter. It's winter for me here in Australia. BOO, seasons suck.

Just kidding! So I will be making improvements to this blog.

I don't believe there should be certain days to post for us anymore, since I think we all deserve the freedom and liberty to post whenever we see somethin'.

So there are new updates! The llama has come. This reminds me of the song...
Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally disturbed llama
Super llama
Drama llama
Big fat mama llama
Llama llama llama
Who is this big llama?
Starting all this drama?
It's me, ____!
Yes I am that llama
That llama you despise
With those big eyes
And dem luscious thighs
Yes, look at me!
I'm that L-L-A-M-A
That doesn't even care what you even have to say, oops!

Lol. I cut out the swearing/cussing parts though.

So, I was thinking, this blog needs ta be a little more.. special? Idk.

And you can vote for the armadillo, elephant, or peacock. Do you want an armadillo? Perhaps a peacock is more your style? Or maybe you're hoping for an elephant? < copied off the AJ newspaper bc I'm a little daredevil lel

Freedom Party! I'm not really American so I have no idea what that is.

Freedom plushies with a fat piggy who has been eating WAY too much of that sloshy slush, and the most chubbiest sugar glider I've seen. I mean, I wonder how it gets that big!!!

Wild Peaks, some old news that we already know about, and blah blah blah. :p

Now, here is something that has been brought to my attention..

There is a Jammer Wall in Jamaa.

Don't believe me? Here is some proof:

Why would members test something not even in the game yet? To me it looks like the AJ Facebook, texting/instant messaging, or a forum. It looks really snazzy, so I want it! Another way to interact with Jammers without being in the same server or room possibly? A way to organise trades? Meet new friends? It would have to have chat filters, or it would be bad for little kids. This whole thing could have a negative impact on the game and bring Jamaa down, but then again, it should be available for nonmembers since they should be allowed to talk too. I hope there are emojis xD I'm an emoji girl, in an emoji wooooorld... 
Looks like a group chat to me!! AJ removed it now, but you had to be a nonmember, click on a member something, and then click through the advertisements until the Jammer Wall one showed up. AJ is terrible at keeping secrets! Why is everything always leaked? Stupid employees, huh? And I think maybe the reason why they moved the gems and achievements was to make room for the Jammer Wall? Hmm... What do you guys think of this? Will it come in the next update? Comment down below!

There is also a new colour swap glitch where you can change the colours of your items that I do not know how to do.

So yeah, bye Jammers!

And remember authors, if ya wanna post anything about AJ on this blog, you may. It doesn't matter about the day and time anymore!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Inside Out

I'm OceanEclipse(1001)

And I'm posting on my iPhone. Really just because I'm bored and that Toffe hasn't posted like, AT ALL. Oh and I ain't changing this font, as much as I don't like it, I'm toooooo lazy to keep on changing the font on my iPhone ):T
Also being on mah iPhone, I CAN'T GET ON AJ RAAAAAAWR ):OOOOO
And so I can't update ya'll about the junkie stuff AJHQ puts in stores. And so, I'm just gonna talk about what happened yesterday, It was kinda scary, but at the end, all was well.

So yesterday, I went to eVent cinemas to watch a movie. But I couldn't figure out which movie to watch, Inside Out or Minions. Now as you see, Jurrasic World isn't an option, that's because I am SUUU CHILDISH I LIEK WATCHING FUN LITTLE ANIMATED MOVIES LIEK INSIDE OUT AND MINIONS. or I'm actually 12 years old and faked my age to have a blogger
In the end we decieded to watch Inside Out, but during that time I drove my mum craycray.
This is what happened *beware spoilers*

Friday, 12 June 2015


Hey guys, I might stop doing the Food Monday's and Artistic Friday's and blahblahblah because I don't wanna do them anymore.


So a while ago I joined a blog which will remain NAMELESS for now, and it has been deleted.

So maybe I can add the old authors of that blog to this blog...? And I could be a Sunday author again.

If you:

  • Have ze ability to create gifs
  • Have time
  • Have an email
  • Have Google+ linked to your blogger
And if you can do all that, send an email to with the day you wanna do and an example post.

Spots needed:
  • Monday: Regular post, talk about le RIM, and if you want to, you can add something additional
  • Tuesday: Regular post, and if you want to, something additional
  • Wednesday: Regular post, and if you want to, something additional
  • Thursday: Regular post, and if you want to, something additional
  • Friday: Regular post, and if you want to, something additional
  • Saturday: Regular post, and if you want to, something additional
That's basically it! I will be a Sunday author as I once was, and what I mean by 'something additonal' is like how I had Spot-It Sunday on the old blog. And on this blog, the discontinued and never-started Trendy Tuesday. XD

Good luck Jams! 

Monday, 18 May 2015

My Rants About AJ #2 - It's Roleplaying, Get Over It + First Ever Food Monday!

Okay, so for some weird reason, I have been dreading school (wait, don't I already?) and I just won't move to go there anymore. Just feeling a little funny this week because I was absent on Friday when my homework is usually handed in and we get new assignments. So I don't know what my homework even is at all >.< And by the sounds of it one of them is some sort of project for history.... Grrrrrr I don't wanna do any of it D: the good news is that on Wednesday I don't have to go to school, I have a day off! Yay! Reminds me of when I was in Year 2, I had to go to the dentist in the middle of the day, and when I came back the teacher asked if I cried, I said no, and she gave me one dollar. xD okay I am getting off topic, sorry.

So really, you may 'occasionally', or, how about ALWAYS hear people say in Jamaa, "Dating isn't for Animal Jam!" Or "Pretending to be a baby is gross!" Or "Clanners are stupid, why do they use wolves and anatomy?!" Or "Roleplaying is for sickos, they should try drama classes instead!"

Now that, my friends, is society.
I hate it so so so much when people say this. It probably hurts more since I actually used to replay quite a lot, 2-3 years straight actually. I could've spent some of that time trading my good old headdresses around, hehe. Wherever they've ended up now..

A boy and girl like each other on Animal Jam and want to get married? Whatever. I think it's quite cute, and it's roleplaying. So get over it.

Someone is claiming that they are a royal princess walnut in need of parents? Whatever. As much as it may irritate you, there is something called blocking and ignoring, in case you're too blind to notice that, and it's Roleplaying. So get over it.

2 "cats" (wolves with swords and fox hats, really) trying to rip eachother's throats out? Whatever. It could be frightening to little kids, but they can block and ignore too. Reporting would be stupid, because it's roleplaying. Get over it.

See what I mean? People complain about how 'sick' these people are for doing these things... Well I should say Roleplaying. Because it is Roleplay!

If you are REALLY unsettled about what one is doing, then just leave the room and never speak to them again. But never something as stupid as reporting! Like, what the hell? And cry a river because those two foxes were smooching, because those bunnies were crying for member mummies, because those wolves were swinging claws around, using cat anatomy and telling you to be a wolf instead of a tiger, then build a bridge, get over it!

I have two stories to go with it.

One time when I was little and young I was a blue bunny with fairy wings pretending to be a crane, but someone told me I couldn't be a crane since I was a bunny. Now this was before flying animals came out, arctic wolves or snow leopards didn't even exist for that manner. Neither did foxes. Anyways, they then spelled out the f word. I am still discouraged by that because they would not leave me be, and let me Roleplay and IMAGINE. I-M-A-G-I-N-E. What's so funny is that these peoe are telling others to keep their imaginations alive while their's have already withered dead like a bouquet of roses left out for a year or so. Seriously?

Another time was on the Animal Jam Wiki.
Now I'll be honest, I did not enjoy my time on that site. I found the community overly dramatic and rather boring, and I had difficulties trying to make friends because chatting was just way too awkward. But I would talk on the forums, because they liked to tease warrior clans a lot. I think I have a bad reputation on that site for defending the Clanners, I just got dirty looks and stuff.

So yeah. That settles my lovely little rant. :T

Now for food Monday! These won't be that long, but you know :)

Last week, cute vanilla cupcakes white vanilla coatings and sprinkles were really yummy. But for Tis week, it's a new kind of grand cake to end spring and welcome summer. Well actually, it isn't really. It is more of a birthday food, which would be better around September, you know, but whatever. They had two kind of cakes at the party - a certainly scrumptious fruit cake and also another one that definitely grabbed my attention.

A rather delectable slice of the amazing chocolate mud cake, with a white vanilla coating, one side of it being smeared with the most gooey and rich chocolate-y liquorice, and the other being smeared with the sweetest and finest strawberry sauce.

And that is it for today!

P.S Sorry if these aren't AJ-related at all :c

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Days of the Week

Well, there are lots of things on AJ blogs that are like "Fun Game Fridays" or "Mysterious Mondays" that are kinda cool.

Maybe I should try them out.

Topics I wanna do:
Trends/AJ style 
Weird Glitches
Food XD (just because I can)

Thinking Thursday maybe? So I just say something to think about. To think about for hours and hours.

Artistic Fridays. Anything that comes under the arts, really. Not just drawing, but music, photography, writing, creative stuff.

Food Mondays. You know, all the yummy stuff out there.

Animalia Sunday Forest. Very creative title, sorry! Basically stuff about animals on Sundays.

Trendy Tuesday. Like, totally the most hottest trends right now! XD Fashion advice, tips on the perfect outfit, etc. I know you all might get twitchy because lots of people do this kind of thing, but.. I'm doing den trends also ;)


Secretive Saturday - Shh, tell me a little more about AJ's secrets... Alright, but only on Saturdays. :)

So in order:

Food Monday (excited for this one XD)
Trendy Tuesday (I have lots of good tips stores up for this one! :3)
Weird Wednesday (prepared for the craziness and insanity to begin :D)
Thinking Thursday (I just think and daydream, lol :))
Artistic Friday (yay! X3) 
Secretive Saturday (ooooooh :o)
Animalia on Sunday (now I'm happy I U I)

Bye people! These things start next week! C: BYE!

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hey guys!

I wanna talk about diamonds.

Diamonds! Why are they wanted so much?

And why are they only blue? Diamonds can be pink, or yellow, or just clear.

Annnnnnd how are they found?

I have always believed that there are certain Jammers called the 'Twinklers' are meant to dig deep in the lands of Jamaa and mine for diamonds. They have found so many different types, it is unbelievable.

The most common I believe is blue, but still, they're dearly precious. And, everyone wants them so much.

Pink diamonds, I believe, will gain ability to unlock powers or something else cool/special. But, you could discover them around Jamaa. And once you find 30, you can unlock the ability to play some fun (but incredibly hard) game when you earn 1 diamond each level you pass. Sounds amaziing!

Yellow diamonds, could probably help us buy bonus adventures, adventure equipment, and adventure levels. How cool would that be?!

Purple diamonds, could buy most things the blue diamonds sell for a more cheaper price, yet you need to have at least 5 blue diamonds to earn 1 purple diamond. That sounds awesome!

Maybe rainbow/spring diamonds are exclusive things you earn with a retail spring gift card, like the Spring Bunny (or possibly) the Spring Fox. And you can discover them around some mines (like the pink diamonds, except you can explore mines instead of the land itself)! Except they're way more harder to find. This feature and diamonds would only be available for a short time with the spring card. Awesome much?! I think so.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful time with wonderful experiences and I hope you have a lovely, and simply perfect day! Bye!

P.S THAT IS MY NEW SIGNATURE!!!!!!! Do you like it? :D Sorry if it appears small and you cannot read it, but I finally made one! Yay! Gimme feedback on my siggie-editing skills!

Updates 14/5/15

Hi guys! Good ol' Dreamy here! Posts might be late due to those damn nasty rats chewing on the phone and Wifi cords. And my week has been pret-ty bad. And I feel sick. Yuck.

YAYAY CHEETAHS! :D Now I really want one. They're cute! But I want a beach house. Really badly. Nevermind!!! Okay, moving on...

Bowling? What a good idea! Although when I started playing I had NO idea what I was doing. I'm not a pro at it, but then again, this was a good idea.
Den item contest results! Woohoo! I thought Sand Castle would win personally... Oh well. I know a LOT of Jammers really like technology and the idea of doing something electronically on their favoured, adored game. I'm actually gonna buy that stuff, hehe :p

Speed in Nature?! Whoa, sounds super cool! Hehe, no one really checks out that stuff anymore, sorry. But I do! Sometimes. When I feel like it. The Summer Carnival?! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLYYYYYYY :DDD I MISS THAT SOOO MUCH!!!!

Oh noooo!!! D:  I love otters too much! They're so so so so cute!!!! I love them!!! Nuuu! Well at least I have one and I don't have to go wasting diamonds while I'm saving up for a beach house or cheetah.

The wild Spring Bunny returns again... What shall we do? Hmm... I know! Buy the retail gift card in our local stores to get not just a cute, stylish bunny but some carrot den items! Why carrots though? Bunnies don't always eat carrots. They are semi-regular foods, they should get more greens. I know this since I own two rabbits. Got a problem? :3 Well I don't. Carrots can seriously hurt bunnies if they eat to many, and k even know some rabbis that don't even like carrots at all. So what's with the cliche?

Bye guys! Have a wonderful day, see ya next time! 

P.S Working on a signature, I'm sorry I couldn't make it today 😫

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sorry Guys!

I am in the friggin worst pain now after I hit my head twice. Because my iPod keeps correcting errors and that I wrote a crpaload of this and pasted the whole thing with crap.

Sorry for some misspelt words. Can't be bothered to fix them with a fat purple bruise on my forehead and a sore arm.

I am sorry for my inactive-ness lately, I'll try post more often ^-^

Bad News: I was hacked! LEGIT. I Los tmt silver spike, long blue wrist, cream worn blanket, pot o gems, and basically yea. I'm surprised they didn't take my rocking horse. Or beta pigtails. Or mech. On the bright side I won a beta fire pit in the eagle adventure! Yay! And that nasty low life loser hacker suspended my account for a day by typing a rude word >_< Not nice! Donations: YES PLEASE! Do not sent me a gift while I'm offline though or t won't come through! Or it will Come late. Just send stuff to me while I'm online, Kay :) my friend said she was gonna give me a spike but now she's all like "oh no but I worked hard for it so it pains me greatly to give pixels to my best friend!!! Wasg!" The worst part? No one beleieves me. And they're making me upset and yelling at me. I tried to confront one of my ''friends'' today but it didn't work out and they had ZERO SYMPATHY what so ever. >:(
Enchanted Spiritivy: Mhmm? Snowflake Berrymoon: I was Snowflake Berrymoon: hucked :( Enchanted Spiritivy: i know its a joke )3( Snowflake Berrymoon: ? Enchanted Spiritivy: i mean you have a glitched yeti on and a mech on. Snowflake Berrymoon: No one believes me ? Snowflake Berrymoon: It's not glitched, I bought it Enchanted Spiritivy: and also Enchanted Spiritivy: it said ha kidding. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have the beta eyeball hat. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have a top hat. Snowflake Berrymoon: that's not beta??? Snowflake Berrymoon: No one believes me. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have pink pigtails, Snowflake Berrymoon: i lost both my spikes Snowflake Berrymoon: ... Snowflake Berrymoon: I knew you wouldn't believe me. Enchanted Spiritivy: do all of you just care about betas? Snowflake Berrymoon: I don't. Snowflake Berrymoon: ..? Enchanted Spiritivy: then just get over it. Enchanted Spiritivy: its just pixels. Snowflake Berrymoon: Well, sorry. Snowflake Berrymoon: Thanks...
After that, I was crying. You: BABY! BABY! YOU CRY OVER PIXELS! GET OVER IT BRAT, YOU'RE SO SELFISH, STUCK UP, TINY, AND WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that's exactly what everyone thinks of me. A selfish, cry-baby, weak, tiny, puny, stuck-up, self-obsessed brat. But I'm not. At least I try not to.
Well, sorry for being the worst person possible. Sorry for EXISTING. 
Why must people be so rude to me? It's not fair. I never did anything to them.

How have you guys been? Good? Great :3

Done something productive with your life? Unlike me who is sitting here in my bed at 10:14pm typing this out on my iPod with sore arms and a throbbing headache?

Awesome. Here's a cookie if you got this far into the post. If you finish the entire post you'll get a bag of lollies!

It updated today on AJ here on Wdnesday (this blog is American time) and peck ouch I'll post pics and a more detailed post tomorrow not this... Mess.

Bye guys, be nice and kind and have fun! Bye! <3

P.S I will make a siggie soon!!! Bye for realises!

P.P.S have your bag of lollies now :) 🍬

Sunday, 3 May 2015

''Mighty Squad"

Hey Jammers! As you may be able to tell by the title, today I shall be talking about a rather popular topic commonly discussed within the AJ community.

You guessed it, the whole major mass hacking of 2015, Wretchedjungle, the Mighty Squad, or whatever you wanna call it. I'll update you guys on the MS as much as I can. No, not because I am in the Mighty Squad (Who would I be to join a group of nasty heartless idiots who make little children cry?!) but because I watch YouTube videos and keep up to date.

So how it all started was in my Instagram feed, I saw a photo in mid April saying that about 9pm American Time, WisteriaMoon, WootMoo, Julian2 and Kosho were hacked, and a possibility of many others as well. It was all over my feed, and it was crazy! Pretty soon there were YouTube videos, and much more about it.

Then LilacPetal made a video saying that the hacker, Wretchedjungle, was actually in the Mighty Squad with over 27 members, and how they had a YT channel. I checked it out and I remind myself to check it every now and then for updates and stuff.

Then MS posted a video of a compilation of clearly FAKE Skype conversations with LilacPetal and the other MS member. All of the sudden many people turned on Lilac and she published a video saying that the only reason she joined MS was to find out how they were doing all this stuff.

But let's look at the MS side. They did mention they weren't planning to demolish the game (they might if this madness continues and gets worse and really fires up MS) but they were hacking Jammers due to the absolutely disgusting community which is all about items, pixels, rates, betas, spikes, headdresses, party hats, glitches rings, bow and arrows, worn blankets, gazelles, and basically trading as a whole.

Maybe they could make a change. Maybe they can change people's attitudes. I don't really know what's going to happen in the future myself, I have faith in Lilac and the others but I am unsure about MS. Hmm...

Welp. Believe, have sweet, amazing dreams of berries, cream and cute little animals, roar like a TIGERR, have a fun time, and have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! Bye! (Sorry if this post is derpy, I'm on my tablet)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Rants About AJ #1 - It's ANIMAL Jam, not TRADING Jam

Hi guys!
There are many, many things about AJ that I love, but of course, there are things that I DON'T like about AJ.

Today I shall rant about how people believe this game is Trading Jam, and not Animal Jam.

I also have a rather little 'pleasant' (not pleasant for me, but you know, whatever :P) story to go along with this. And if any of you are reading this, I'm sorry if this happens to offend you. Like I said in my first post on this blog, I shall always tell the truth.

Here goes (I'm not mentioning names, these are all fake names :P):
So, my friend Fashionista was featured on the Epic Dens list, and of course she was super excited about it. The next day, she was still like "OMG OMG OMG OMG!", and a guy friend of mine named Technology was excited too.

Then I said, "If I was on the epic dens list, I would be like, 'Oh yeah, cool' and walk off." Now I kinda take back what I said since I would be really happy if I was mentioned on the epic dens list, I would be screaming and shouting, super excited and all that. So anyway, after I just said that, Technology and Fashionista were chanting, "JELLY! JELLY!" and it really annoyed me! I was a little envious, but not full on jealous!

Then all the sudden, I get this from Technology. I found it rude and unneeded. This is exactly what he said: "No offense DreamyNight, but Fashionista's kind of better than you at AJ now :P"

It really. Really. Really put me off! Not only was I offended by that comment, but the reason he said it was because Fashionista got betas and rares before I did! (Just in case you're wondering, I've never had a rare spike collar. I know what your reaction is: "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!??!") He obviously thinks that it must be Trading Jam and not Animal Jam. In AJ, no one is worth more or less than another. Especially not because of the items they have! Pixels really don't define who you are on Animal Jam. This is NOT a game AT ALL where we have 'quests' to 'trade' for things, and we quit because we failed to get a worn blanket with a couple of den betas. 

So there, that's my little rant. That was kind of a lot to type..

Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries and cute little animals, roar like a TIGERR, have a fun time, and have a wonderful day! Toodles! :)

AJ Updates 2015 (April 30th)

Yes, I know it's 3 days old, but it doesn't mean I can't make a post about it, right?

Well, huzzah! The main new surprise of this update, a grand new beach house den. I quite like it, and the beta floors and walls look rather pretty on this fancy smancy holiday house. The flower carpet turns into hibiscus flowers, I'm not sure if it's spider web or blue vines but it makes dark teal/blue seashells, and the pink forest walls look like a beautiful beach sunset! Great job, AJHQ! Yet unfortunately, it's one of those gigantic dens that takes 15 years to decorate. It's a new AJ den trend, huh? Giant dens which you need an eagle or owl for? And also hoarding nature items and filling up your den with them just like me?

Another one of these? Don't you think we've had enough of these by now? Egyptian items, hair salon items, pizza items, paint items, deep space items, now there's gonna be sand castle items, mechanical items, and excavation items? I quite enjoyed having pizza and paint items (since I dearly love both of them), but to be honest, I'm not a really big fan of any of these ideas. I voted for the sand castle anyway, since how cool would it be to create a sandy giraffe?! Who's with me?! :D I saw the cool mechanical dragon for the mechanical future theme, but I thought that the rest of the items weren't quite my style, and the excavation one seems interesting but I didn't want to vote for it.

Yay! My favourite speedy, slim cat is returning to the wondrous land of Jamaa! I love their luxurious spotty fur, don't you? Though in-game, the spots don't look very cheetah-ish in my opinion. Cheetah spots are like little black dots, smeared onto their sun-golden fur. Hehe, I love getting creative with words... Has anyone else noticed that cheetahs (in real life) have the weirdest proportions ever? They have a tiny head, a HUGE chest, then a really slim belly, a long tail, and when they're doing an action, they have this huge hump on their shoulders. Strange, huh? Look at a photo of a cheetah to understand what I mean. Plus, a cute little clip is going along with this awesome cheetah posing for the camera!

My god, what dear cuties! I really want a spring bunny, but to be suuuper honest, I don't think this is AJHQ's most creative idea. Sure, it's fun to have cool patterns, but the exclusive patterns are just about it (and also the carrot den items that are not exactly ugly but strange). Maybe they should've added some, I don't know, quirks...? Like, maybe they have powers depending on what pattern you pick, or whatever.

So that's all I have for today! Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries and animals, roar like a TIGERR, have fun, and have a wonderful day! Toodles! :)

Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Jammers! 

My AJ Username is XxDreamyNightxX, and here is a quick story about my AJ Journey:

I joined the wonderful, creative game on April 13th 2011 (pretty early, huh?) and since then I have met many wonderful, kind friends who are always there to support me!

This isn't really going to be an 'update' blog, but um, more like, I don't know... I'll update every now and then, I'll try to get at least one post a day.


Know that whenever I post, I'll be absolutely 100% honest. Whether I'm posting about a particular person or a new update, my integrity shall come to use and I'll be honest.

Am I the rarest Jammer? No. Am I the most well-known either? No. But I'm an individual Jammer, and that's enough. I have my friends, family, and the free will, the freedom to create a blog. I don't care if most of my friends think it's 'an invasion of privacy' (it would be if it was about my real, personal life) or it's plain stupid, I just want to do this.

Okay, so... See ya next time! Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries, and animals, roar like a TIGERR, and have fun! Also have a wonderful day!