Saturday, 27 June 2015

Llamas Derpin' to Jamaa, Cute, Stylish and Fab New Pet Contest, and Sweggy Freedom Stuff!

Hey guys, it's XxDreamyNightxX here. Sorry for lack of posts, I've been super duper busy with over load of school work, especially on the last week, but now I can relax since hell's all over and now I can enjoy my summer - Ahem, I mean, excuse me, winter. It's winter for me here in Australia. BOO, seasons suck.

Just kidding! So I will be making improvements to this blog.

I don't believe there should be certain days to post for us anymore, since I think we all deserve the freedom and liberty to post whenever we see somethin'.

So there are new updates! The llama has come. This reminds me of the song...
Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally disturbed llama
Super llama
Drama llama
Big fat mama llama
Llama llama llama
Who is this big llama?
Starting all this drama?
It's me, ____!
Yes I am that llama
That llama you despise
With those big eyes
And dem luscious thighs
Yes, look at me!
I'm that L-L-A-M-A
That doesn't even care what you even have to say, oops!

Lol. I cut out the swearing/cussing parts though.

So, I was thinking, this blog needs ta be a little more.. special? Idk.

And you can vote for the armadillo, elephant, or peacock. Do you want an armadillo? Perhaps a peacock is more your style? Or maybe you're hoping for an elephant? < copied off the AJ newspaper bc I'm a little daredevil lel

Freedom Party! I'm not really American so I have no idea what that is.

Freedom plushies with a fat piggy who has been eating WAY too much of that sloshy slush, and the most chubbiest sugar glider I've seen. I mean, I wonder how it gets that big!!!

Wild Peaks, some old news that we already know about, and blah blah blah. :p

Now, here is something that has been brought to my attention..

There is a Jammer Wall in Jamaa.

Don't believe me? Here is some proof:

Why would members test something not even in the game yet? To me it looks like the AJ Facebook, texting/instant messaging, or a forum. It looks really snazzy, so I want it! Another way to interact with Jammers without being in the same server or room possibly? A way to organise trades? Meet new friends? It would have to have chat filters, or it would be bad for little kids. This whole thing could have a negative impact on the game and bring Jamaa down, but then again, it should be available for nonmembers since they should be allowed to talk too. I hope there are emojis xD I'm an emoji girl, in an emoji wooooorld... 
Looks like a group chat to me!! AJ removed it now, but you had to be a nonmember, click on a member something, and then click through the advertisements until the Jammer Wall one showed up. AJ is terrible at keeping secrets! Why is everything always leaked? Stupid employees, huh? And I think maybe the reason why they moved the gems and achievements was to make room for the Jammer Wall? Hmm... What do you guys think of this? Will it come in the next update? Comment down below!

There is also a new colour swap glitch where you can change the colours of your items that I do not know how to do.

So yeah, bye Jammers!

And remember authors, if ya wanna post anything about AJ on this blog, you may. It doesn't matter about the day and time anymore!

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  1. Welcome back! :3 Now for MORE WORK!! >:DD