Saturday, 2 May 2015

AJ Updates 2015 (April 30th)

Yes, I know it's 3 days old, but it doesn't mean I can't make a post about it, right?

Well, huzzah! The main new surprise of this update, a grand new beach house den. I quite like it, and the beta floors and walls look rather pretty on this fancy smancy holiday house. The flower carpet turns into hibiscus flowers, I'm not sure if it's spider web or blue vines but it makes dark teal/blue seashells, and the pink forest walls look like a beautiful beach sunset! Great job, AJHQ! Yet unfortunately, it's one of those gigantic dens that takes 15 years to decorate. It's a new AJ den trend, huh? Giant dens which you need an eagle or owl for? And also hoarding nature items and filling up your den with them just like me?

Another one of these? Don't you think we've had enough of these by now? Egyptian items, hair salon items, pizza items, paint items, deep space items, now there's gonna be sand castle items, mechanical items, and excavation items? I quite enjoyed having pizza and paint items (since I dearly love both of them), but to be honest, I'm not a really big fan of any of these ideas. I voted for the sand castle anyway, since how cool would it be to create a sandy giraffe?! Who's with me?! :D I saw the cool mechanical dragon for the mechanical future theme, but I thought that the rest of the items weren't quite my style, and the excavation one seems interesting but I didn't want to vote for it.

Yay! My favourite speedy, slim cat is returning to the wondrous land of Jamaa! I love their luxurious spotty fur, don't you? Though in-game, the spots don't look very cheetah-ish in my opinion. Cheetah spots are like little black dots, smeared onto their sun-golden fur. Hehe, I love getting creative with words... Has anyone else noticed that cheetahs (in real life) have the weirdest proportions ever? They have a tiny head, a HUGE chest, then a really slim belly, a long tail, and when they're doing an action, they have this huge hump on their shoulders. Strange, huh? Look at a photo of a cheetah to understand what I mean. Plus, a cute little clip is going along with this awesome cheetah posing for the camera!

My god, what dear cuties! I really want a spring bunny, but to be suuuper honest, I don't think this is AJHQ's most creative idea. Sure, it's fun to have cool patterns, but the exclusive patterns are just about it (and also the carrot den items that are not exactly ugly but strange). Maybe they should've added some, I don't know, quirks...? Like, maybe they have powers depending on what pattern you pick, or whatever.

So that's all I have for today! Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries and animals, roar like a TIGERR, have fun, and have a wonderful day! Toodles! :)

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