Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Rants About AJ #1 - It's ANIMAL Jam, not TRADING Jam

Hi guys!
There are many, many things about AJ that I love, but of course, there are things that I DON'T like about AJ.

Today I shall rant about how people believe this game is Trading Jam, and not Animal Jam.

I also have a rather little 'pleasant' (not pleasant for me, but you know, whatever :P) story to go along with this. And if any of you are reading this, I'm sorry if this happens to offend you. Like I said in my first post on this blog, I shall always tell the truth.

Here goes (I'm not mentioning names, these are all fake names :P):
So, my friend Fashionista was featured on the Epic Dens list, and of course she was super excited about it. The next day, she was still like "OMG OMG OMG OMG!", and a guy friend of mine named Technology was excited too.

Then I said, "If I was on the epic dens list, I would be like, 'Oh yeah, cool' and walk off." Now I kinda take back what I said since I would be really happy if I was mentioned on the epic dens list, I would be screaming and shouting, super excited and all that. So anyway, after I just said that, Technology and Fashionista were chanting, "JELLY! JELLY!" and it really annoyed me! I was a little envious, but not full on jealous!

Then all the sudden, I get this from Technology. I found it rude and unneeded. This is exactly what he said: "No offense DreamyNight, but Fashionista's kind of better than you at AJ now :P"

It really. Really. Really put me off! Not only was I offended by that comment, but the reason he said it was because Fashionista got betas and rares before I did! (Just in case you're wondering, I've never had a rare spike collar. I know what your reaction is: "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!??!") He obviously thinks that it must be Trading Jam and not Animal Jam. In AJ, no one is worth more or less than another. Especially not because of the items they have! Pixels really don't define who you are on Animal Jam. This is NOT a game AT ALL where we have 'quests' to 'trade' for things, and we quit because we failed to get a worn blanket with a couple of den betas. 

So there, that's my little rant. That was kind of a lot to type..

Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries and cute little animals, roar like a TIGERR, have a fun time, and have a wonderful day! Toodles! :)


  1. True.
    I just don't get while people would trade a beautiful golden founder for a yukkeh beta old blanket.
    And Spiked Collars aren't even rare, they are the most common items in AJ.
    The only things I trade for in AJ are pretty, nice looking stuff, not yukkeh green blankets.
    I believe Jammers should not care about rarity or whatever, and give people their beautiful golden founders to people like me (hehe) that would actually use them. I only care about these hats because they are BOOTIFUL AND GOLDEN, not because they are rare or whatever, so basically, STAHP TRADING FOR THE RURS, START TRADING FOR STUF YOU'D ACTUALLY USE ): OOOOO

    Okay I'm done.

    1. I hate beta blankets tbh.
      And spikes are WAY too over rated, whereas the founders are under rated.
      Spikes aren't worth that much if you think about it, that's why when people describe a bad rare item they say "a short collar". I think that people only wear them for decent looks, and they're stylish and somehow boost your 'cool factor' in AJ.
      And founders are just as stylish and beautiful, I love them a lot!! They would make to my top ten list of favourite items. Not because they're rare, it's because they look fabulous and I view them as some kind of special reward.

    2. I also like beta tiaras, only because of their colour choice, I hear that AJ took them out of stores or whatever, the buy able colours are um. I don't like them. Why AJHQ did you ruin a perfectly good tiara. ;(

    3. Also..
      Collars, let's think about this, what do collars do?
      They trap hold animals captive, spiked, and itchy. I certainly wouldn't want one of them hanging around my neck. So why, why are collars so wanted? That, I do not know, meh. I:I

    4. I like the beta tiaras too, green and blue, white and purple, white and pink, they were cute colour combinations.
      That's true, why do so many animals wear them in AJ when the collars just injure the animals? Why did AJ make them if in real life they are objects that trap animals? :'(
      I wear spikes on Animal Jam but, that's because I like to actually use a lot of my items. From aviator hats to unicorn horns and dragonfly wings to beards to royal tiaras to spikes to scarves to jamaaliday bows, I like to make good use out of items.

    5. And spikes are popular and overrated too as I said, and people just bug you all day asking for one.
      Them: Can I please have your spike?
      Me: No
      Them: Come on, everyone has one!
      Me: This is my only spike
      Them: At least you have one
      Me: Sorry but it took ages to get it
      Them: So...?
      Me: If you want something, then work for it yourself.

  2. (Late comment) True. I use my pirate flag on my deer Because it's rare? NO, because it looks amazing (BTW my User is Enderllama7 if you want to see my deer <3) I use flowercrowns and mech angel helmets because they're rare? NO. I personally like headdress because of their looks, not rarity, It's just my opinion. and seriously. Do I wear my tan scarf because it's rare? NO. Okay that rant is over :I