Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sorry Guys!

I am in the friggin worst pain now after I hit my head twice. Because my iPod keeps correcting errors and that I wrote a crpaload of this and pasted the whole thing with crap.

Sorry for some misspelt words. Can't be bothered to fix them with a fat purple bruise on my forehead and a sore arm.

I am sorry for my inactive-ness lately, I'll try post more often ^-^

Bad News: I was hacked! LEGIT. I Los tmt silver spike, long blue wrist, cream worn blanket, pot o gems, and basically yea. I'm surprised they didn't take my rocking horse. Or beta pigtails. Or mech. On the bright side I won a beta fire pit in the eagle adventure! Yay! And that nasty low life loser hacker suspended my account for a day by typing a rude word >_< Not nice! Donations: YES PLEASE! Do not sent me a gift while I'm offline though or t won't come through! Or it will Come late. Just send stuff to me while I'm online, Kay :) my friend said she was gonna give me a spike but now she's all like "oh no but I worked hard for it so it pains me greatly to give pixels to my best friend!!! Wasg!" The worst part? No one beleieves me. And they're making me upset and yelling at me. I tried to confront one of my ''friends'' today but it didn't work out and they had ZERO SYMPATHY what so ever. >:(
Enchanted Spiritivy: Mhmm? Snowflake Berrymoon: I was Snowflake Berrymoon: hucked :( Enchanted Spiritivy: i know its a joke )3( Snowflake Berrymoon: ? Enchanted Spiritivy: i mean you have a glitched yeti on and a mech on. Snowflake Berrymoon: No one believes me ? Snowflake Berrymoon: It's not glitched, I bought it Enchanted Spiritivy: and also Enchanted Spiritivy: it said ha kidding. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have the beta eyeball hat. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have a top hat. Snowflake Berrymoon: that's not beta??? Snowflake Berrymoon: No one believes me. Enchanted Spiritivy: you have pink pigtails, Snowflake Berrymoon: i lost both my spikes Snowflake Berrymoon: ... Snowflake Berrymoon: I knew you wouldn't believe me. Enchanted Spiritivy: do all of you just care about betas? Snowflake Berrymoon: I don't. Snowflake Berrymoon: ..? Enchanted Spiritivy: then just get over it. Enchanted Spiritivy: its just pixels. Snowflake Berrymoon: Well, sorry. Snowflake Berrymoon: Thanks...
After that, I was crying. You: BABY! BABY! YOU CRY OVER PIXELS! GET OVER IT BRAT, YOU'RE SO SELFISH, STUCK UP, TINY, AND WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that's exactly what everyone thinks of me. A selfish, cry-baby, weak, tiny, puny, stuck-up, self-obsessed brat. But I'm not. At least I try not to.
Well, sorry for being the worst person possible. Sorry for EXISTING. 
Why must people be so rude to me? It's not fair. I never did anything to them.

How have you guys been? Good? Great :3

Done something productive with your life? Unlike me who is sitting here in my bed at 10:14pm typing this out on my iPod with sore arms and a throbbing headache?

Awesome. Here's a cookie if you got this far into the post. If you finish the entire post you'll get a bag of lollies!

It updated today on AJ here on Wdnesday (this blog is American time) and peck ouch I'll post pics and a more detailed post tomorrow not this... Mess.

Bye guys, be nice and kind and have fun! Bye! <3

P.S I will make a siggie soon!!! Bye for realises!

P.P.S have your bag of lollies now :) 🍬

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