Monday, 18 May 2015

My Rants About AJ #2 - It's Roleplaying, Get Over It + First Ever Food Monday!

Okay, so for some weird reason, I have been dreading school (wait, don't I already?) and I just won't move to go there anymore. Just feeling a little funny this week because I was absent on Friday when my homework is usually handed in and we get new assignments. So I don't know what my homework even is at all >.< And by the sounds of it one of them is some sort of project for history.... Grrrrrr I don't wanna do any of it D: the good news is that on Wednesday I don't have to go to school, I have a day off! Yay! Reminds me of when I was in Year 2, I had to go to the dentist in the middle of the day, and when I came back the teacher asked if I cried, I said no, and she gave me one dollar. xD okay I am getting off topic, sorry.

So really, you may 'occasionally', or, how about ALWAYS hear people say in Jamaa, "Dating isn't for Animal Jam!" Or "Pretending to be a baby is gross!" Or "Clanners are stupid, why do they use wolves and anatomy?!" Or "Roleplaying is for sickos, they should try drama classes instead!"

Now that, my friends, is society.
I hate it so so so much when people say this. It probably hurts more since I actually used to replay quite a lot, 2-3 years straight actually. I could've spent some of that time trading my good old headdresses around, hehe. Wherever they've ended up now..

A boy and girl like each other on Animal Jam and want to get married? Whatever. I think it's quite cute, and it's roleplaying. So get over it.

Someone is claiming that they are a royal princess walnut in need of parents? Whatever. As much as it may irritate you, there is something called blocking and ignoring, in case you're too blind to notice that, and it's Roleplaying. So get over it.

2 "cats" (wolves with swords and fox hats, really) trying to rip eachother's throats out? Whatever. It could be frightening to little kids, but they can block and ignore too. Reporting would be stupid, because it's roleplaying. Get over it.

See what I mean? People complain about how 'sick' these people are for doing these things... Well I should say Roleplaying. Because it is Roleplay!

If you are REALLY unsettled about what one is doing, then just leave the room and never speak to them again. But never something as stupid as reporting! Like, what the hell? And cry a river because those two foxes were smooching, because those bunnies were crying for member mummies, because those wolves were swinging claws around, using cat anatomy and telling you to be a wolf instead of a tiger, then build a bridge, get over it!

I have two stories to go with it.

One time when I was little and young I was a blue bunny with fairy wings pretending to be a crane, but someone told me I couldn't be a crane since I was a bunny. Now this was before flying animals came out, arctic wolves or snow leopards didn't even exist for that manner. Neither did foxes. Anyways, they then spelled out the f word. I am still discouraged by that because they would not leave me be, and let me Roleplay and IMAGINE. I-M-A-G-I-N-E. What's so funny is that these peoe are telling others to keep their imaginations alive while their's have already withered dead like a bouquet of roses left out for a year or so. Seriously?

Another time was on the Animal Jam Wiki.
Now I'll be honest, I did not enjoy my time on that site. I found the community overly dramatic and rather boring, and I had difficulties trying to make friends because chatting was just way too awkward. But I would talk on the forums, because they liked to tease warrior clans a lot. I think I have a bad reputation on that site for defending the Clanners, I just got dirty looks and stuff.

So yeah. That settles my lovely little rant. :T

Now for food Monday! These won't be that long, but you know :)

Last week, cute vanilla cupcakes white vanilla coatings and sprinkles were really yummy. But for Tis week, it's a new kind of grand cake to end spring and welcome summer. Well actually, it isn't really. It is more of a birthday food, which would be better around September, you know, but whatever. They had two kind of cakes at the party - a certainly scrumptious fruit cake and also another one that definitely grabbed my attention.

A rather delectable slice of the amazing chocolate mud cake, with a white vanilla coating, one side of it being smeared with the most gooey and rich chocolate-y liquorice, and the other being smeared with the sweetest and finest strawberry sauce.

And that is it for today!

P.S Sorry if these aren't AJ-related at all :c


  1. Hi.
    What happeneded to AJP?
    Why is it deleted?
    And I like your posts. ;)

    1. I have no idea, Viridescent couldn't have just removed it. My guesses is A: the URL has been changed and B: there was a complaint??

    2. I checked her blogger profile, but it didn't have a blog on it, at least when I looked.

  2. This is so true. I roleplay as a Minecraft enderman, My OC is ''Hazel'' I Color my deer all black with purple eyes a random clothing, and when I say -Is Enderman, Would rather flee then fight, is named Hazel- I get hated on for playing Minecraft :I