Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hey guys!

I wanna talk about diamonds.

Diamonds! Why are they wanted so much?

And why are they only blue? Diamonds can be pink, or yellow, or just clear.

Annnnnnd how are they found?

I have always believed that there are certain Jammers called the 'Twinklers' are meant to dig deep in the lands of Jamaa and mine for diamonds. They have found so many different types, it is unbelievable.

The most common I believe is blue, but still, they're dearly precious. And, everyone wants them so much.

Pink diamonds, I believe, will gain ability to unlock powers or something else cool/special. But, you could discover them around Jamaa. And once you find 30, you can unlock the ability to play some fun (but incredibly hard) game when you earn 1 diamond each level you pass. Sounds amaziing!

Yellow diamonds, could probably help us buy bonus adventures, adventure equipment, and adventure levels. How cool would that be?!

Purple diamonds, could buy most things the blue diamonds sell for a more cheaper price, yet you need to have at least 5 blue diamonds to earn 1 purple diamond. That sounds awesome!

Maybe rainbow/spring diamonds are exclusive things you earn with a retail spring gift card, like the Spring Bunny (or possibly) the Spring Fox. And you can discover them around some mines (like the pink diamonds, except you can explore mines instead of the land itself)! Except they're way more harder to find. This feature and diamonds would only be available for a short time with the spring card. Awesome much?! I think so.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful time with wonderful experiences and I hope you have a lovely, and simply perfect day! Bye!

P.S THAT IS MY NEW SIGNATURE!!!!!!! Do you like it? :D Sorry if it appears small and you cannot read it, but I finally made one! Yay! Gimme feedback on my siggie-editing skills!

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