Saturday, 2 May 2015

Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Jammers! 

My AJ Username is XxDreamyNightxX, and here is a quick story about my AJ Journey:

I joined the wonderful, creative game on April 13th 2011 (pretty early, huh?) and since then I have met many wonderful, kind friends who are always there to support me!

This isn't really going to be an 'update' blog, but um, more like, I don't know... I'll update every now and then, I'll try to get at least one post a day.


Know that whenever I post, I'll be absolutely 100% honest. Whether I'm posting about a particular person or a new update, my integrity shall come to use and I'll be honest.

Am I the rarest Jammer? No. Am I the most well-known either? No. But I'm an individual Jammer, and that's enough. I have my friends, family, and the free will, the freedom to create a blog. I don't care if most of my friends think it's 'an invasion of privacy' (it would be if it was about my real, personal life) or it's plain stupid, I just want to do this.

Okay, so... See ya next time! Believe, have sweet, amazing dreamz filled with cream, berries, and animals, roar like a TIGERR, and have fun! Also have a wonderful day!

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