Thursday, 14 May 2015

Updates 14/5/15

Hi guys! Good ol' Dreamy here! Posts might be late due to those damn nasty rats chewing on the phone and Wifi cords. And my week has been pret-ty bad. And I feel sick. Yuck.

YAYAY CHEETAHS! :D Now I really want one. They're cute! But I want a beach house. Really badly. Nevermind!!! Okay, moving on...

Bowling? What a good idea! Although when I started playing I had NO idea what I was doing. I'm not a pro at it, but then again, this was a good idea.
Den item contest results! Woohoo! I thought Sand Castle would win personally... Oh well. I know a LOT of Jammers really like technology and the idea of doing something electronically on their favoured, adored game. I'm actually gonna buy that stuff, hehe :p

Speed in Nature?! Whoa, sounds super cool! Hehe, no one really checks out that stuff anymore, sorry. But I do! Sometimes. When I feel like it. The Summer Carnival?! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLYYYYYYY :DDD I MISS THAT SOOO MUCH!!!!

Oh noooo!!! D:  I love otters too much! They're so so so so cute!!!! I love them!!! Nuuu! Well at least I have one and I don't have to go wasting diamonds while I'm saving up for a beach house or cheetah.

The wild Spring Bunny returns again... What shall we do? Hmm... I know! Buy the retail gift card in our local stores to get not just a cute, stylish bunny but some carrot den items! Why carrots though? Bunnies don't always eat carrots. They are semi-regular foods, they should get more greens. I know this since I own two rabbits. Got a problem? :3 Well I don't. Carrots can seriously hurt bunnies if they eat to many, and k even know some rabbis that don't even like carrots at all. So what's with the cliche?

Bye guys! Have a wonderful day, see ya next time! 

P.S Working on a signature, I'm sorry I couldn't make it today 😫

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